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David Kent

Thursday, November 16 2017 at 7:30PM

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2 Norfolk Street

David Kent

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Hundreds of billions of blood cells are produced and destroyed daily. Improper regulation of this production system can lead to leukaemia, a cancer sustained by transformed blood stem cells that have acquired mutations which permanently disrupt their normal behaviour. This talk will explore the process of how tumours evolve from single stem cells.

David joins us from the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, which is a world-leading centre for stem cell research with a mission to transform human health through a deep understanding of stem cell biology.

Their scientists study stem cell behaviour, both normal and pathological, and use their findings to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 

The Institute consists of 29 outstanding research groups, working across three key research themes: Stem Cell States, Stem Cells in Disease and Stem Cells & Therapeutics. 

Due in 2018, the newly constructed Institute will bring together scientists from multiple disciplines, operating across many tissues and at multiple scales. This unique set up will allow commonalities and differences in stem cell biology to be explored in a cohesive and inter-disciplinary manner.