A Few More Ways In Which Your Brain Will Trick You If You Let It

Andrew Dart

Tuesday, August 22 2017 at 7:30PM

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2 Norfolk Street

Andrew Dart

What's the talk about?

Tickets: £3.00 advance / £4.00 on the door
Box Office: http://buytickets.at/cambridgeskeptics/108743

Back by popular demand for the next installment, following our busiest talk of 2016!

Your brain still hates you. This is the only conclusion I can come to given how many tricks it will play on you if you let it. This talk will cover more of the many, many ways in which our brains try to deceive us on an almost constant basis. Drawing on the extensive psychological literature on these topics and presenting a number of worrying, and often humorous, real world examples of what happens when people fall for these tricks, this talk will look at the biases we all have, the lies we tell ourselves, and the shortcuts our brains will take if we let them.

Andrew Dart has a master’s degree in Research Psychology and spent four years studying how pre-existing religious and paranormal beliefs literally affect the way we see the world around us. He is the author of a beginner's guide to skepticism and a science book for children and is currently working on a novel. He works as a support technician for a software company where he spends as much of his day combating bad logic as he does technical issues. When not doing this he can often be found wandering the byways of Cambridgeshire, reading books, watching philosophy videos on YouTube, and writing pointless computer programs.

--Building Your Skeptical Toolkit--

You can buy Andrew's book from here: http://amzn.eu/aq170uq
Around the world belief in the paranormal and pseudoscience is running rampant. 40% of people in the UK believe in haunted houses, governments employ dowsing devices to detect bombs and people give away all they have in the belief that the world is about to end…again. In this modern age it seems we need reason and critical thinking skills more than ever.
Building your Skeptical Toolkit will help equip you with the tools you will need to start exploring this amazing world of ours as it really is and accurately enable you to evaluate the claims of psychics, conspiracy theorists and everyone in between. It will help you to see behind the myths and trickery, the fake science and unfounded claims, that fill our modern lives and discover the amazing and beautiful reality that lies beyond.
“Dart has hit the bullseye. Everyone who reads this book will find new dimensions in the world around them, that previously seemed impenetrable and insoluble. It’s an amazing place, once Dart shows you how to see past the roadblocks put up by your own brain.”
Brian Dunning, Skeptoid.com