Do I Need Tickets?

Not usually, although special events may be ticketed and the link will be included in the event details. When in doubt, just turn up!

Do You Need to Be a Member to Attend?

No, there is no membership to Cambridge Skeptics. The events are open to all who wish to attend, and you do not need to be affiliated with any school, college, university or any other organisation.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tickets are usually £3.00 in advance (+ booking fee) or £5.00 on the door. Occasionally we run special events, so please check event details for information.

What Does Donation Money Get Spent On?

All donations received go towards speaker expenses first and foremost. Once costs have covered, excess funds are used to fund future speaker expenses, advertising costs for special events and if required any equipment hire. All the group's activities are not-for-profit and organisers operate on a volunteer basis.

Where Do You Meet?

We usually meet at the Blue Moon Pub in Cambridge. You'll find it on Norfolk Street in the city centre, near Anglia Ruskin University East Road Campus and the Grafton Shopping Centre.

There is plenty of on-street parking (please check local parking restrictions) and a multi-storey at the nearby shopping centre. For special events, or particular popular speakers, other venues around the city may be used. Please check the upcoming events for details.

When Do You Meet?

Events run on the last Tuesday of each month, with special events spread throughout the year to suit speaker engagements. In August we aim to avoid clashes with the bank holiday Monday and in December we tend to have a break.

What Time Should I Arrive?

Talks start promptly at 7:30pm. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior if you'd like to get a good seat. Some of our events can be very busy and because there are no tickets, we operate on a first-come-first serve basis.

How Long Are the Talks?

Events vary but typically the evenings are split into 2 halves. The first half will be a presentation by the speaker, typically lasting between 40 minutes and an hour after which we take a short comfort break before returning for a Q&A. We aim to finish at around 9:30pm at the latest, but you are welcome to continue the conversation (usually with the speaker) after the public forum has closed.

Could I Talk at Your Group?

Yes, of course. Due to demand, we book very far in advance but please get in touch and send your details to us at 

Talks should be at least 40 minutes long and on a suitable subject for skeptisism, science or critical thinking. We cover speaker travel expenses, a meal and a hotel (if required). 

Can I Recommend a Speaker?

Yes, of course.

Send us your ideas to 

Do You Run Other Events?

No, not currently. At the moment we only organise monthly speakers to talk at venues in Cambridge as part of the national Skeptics in the Pub network.

Can I Video Your Events? 

As we rely on donations to fund our events, public attendance is of fundamental to our continued functioning and at this moment we have no plans to video events. In addition to this, some of our speakers are unable to be filmed due to reasons beyond their control.

We would ask that anyone wishing to video any event obtain our (and the speakers) permission by emailing us at

Can I Advertise My Event at Your Events? 

We rely heavily on cross promotion so if you are actively promoting our events, we'll actively promote yours.

However, please obtain our permission before advertising at any of our events

Where Can I Get a T-Shirt?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any T-Shirts for the Cambridge Skeptics. These are purchased by the volunteers themselves for personal use only. However, you can obtain T Shirts from the national Skeptics in the Pub Network: