Skeptics in the Pub is a group of people in a city who like to have a drink and talk. 

Like such events in many other cities, we hope to hold a talk by a speaker each month who will speak for around an hour. The subjects of the talks vary across a wide variety of topics and speakers have included everyone from ghost hunters to historians. The aim of the event is to provide a relaxed space for individuals to engage with a topic.

The event usually includes an informal discussion after a trip to the bar at the end of the talk with the aim of opening up dialogue between audience members as well as and the speaker.

It does not matter what your prior beliefs are on these subjects. We welcome all and only ask that you help keep it a fun and friendly event.

The talks are organised by Shaun Lotay, Ellen Moffett and Chris Gerrard.

You can also sign up to our Facebook page at